Julia Alfano Educational, Child and Adolescent Psychology in Guildford, Surrey and Berkshire

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Will you diagnose my child/teen?
A. No, I am offering psychological therapeutic intervention not a diagnostic service. However, I will carry out an initial psychological assessment and identify specific areas of psychological need (emotional, social ,behavioral, learning) in order to plan for the appropriate intervention in collaboration with parents, children and young people. I will also carry out a one off stand alone educational psychological assessment of learning, social and emotional needs with school based recommendations if requested. I will make recommendations if I think there is an underlying condition like ASC.

Q. Is everything confidential?
A. I strongly believe that children and teens have a right to confidentiality and I will follow this protocol (unless there is a child protection issue). However, to really utilise change I do think it is important to involve parents and have regular review meetings with parents which the child or teen is part of. I will also work with parents on their own if requested.

Q. Will you come to our home?
A. Yes, I will come to you. I am happy to travel to and work in a home environment. This is far less threatening for children and teens. I will expect parents to be present in the home if I am working individually. If it can be negotiated I will also work in schools and colleges if more convenient.

Q. Are you DBS checked?
A. Yes, I will provide my certificate on request.

Q. How much do you charge?
A. I charge £80 an hour. This will include any emails between sessions. A one off stand alone educational psychology assessment for learning, social and emotional needs with school based recommendations is £700-£900 depending on what is required.

Q. What happens in an Educational Psychology assessment ?
A. This usually involves an observation at school and discussion with school staff as well as discussion with parents and direct assessment of the child/young person at home. I may ask parents and school staff to fill out forms for analysis. This will result in a detailed report with school and home based recommendations. This report can be used as evidence for EHCP applications for the LEA as well as identifying specific learning difficulties and exam concessions.

Q. How long will the report take ?
A. Usually 2 weeks

Q. What age range do you work with ?
A. I work with 4 to 25 years. I also work directly with parents to offer guidance or therapeutic support.

Q. Do you have personal insurance indemnity?
A. Yes

Q. When is payment required?
A. On the day for direct therapeutic work
A. For an assessment payment will be required after the report is sent. The password will be released on receipt of payment

Q. Can I ask for changes to be made to the report?
A. It is a working document feedback is welcome and further recommendations required can be discussed and negotiated. However I cannot change my specific conclusions.

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